Tuesday, April 07, 2015

About saeyaka.com domain


Just a little information for anyone who still might visit this site. I know this blog may still be useful for many AKB fans who look for members' information, so I do not intend deleting this site, however, it is important to note that the saeyaka.com domain might expire this month (with luck, it will exist until April 2016).

Therefore, please update your bookmarks and add/use the original, free blogger domain: saeyakb48paradise.blogspot.com


P.S: Yes, Sayaka is still beautiful.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Collecting messages for Sayaka's graduation. Do not miss it!

So, my previous posts had the intention to pave the path for this entry: MESSAGES FOR SAYAKA'S GRADUATION.

Please, don't stay out of this m_m

A capable team of Sayaka fans is taking charge of this task, and they will handwrite  our overseas messages.

You only have to follow the next steps to send your message (please read these steps thoughtfully):

  1. Your message must have up to 200 characters. No more than 200 characters. Yes, characters, not words (characters include punctuation and spaces, so think of this message as if it were a tweet). Cards are small so they have no space enough for long messages. If your message is too long, it may be edited at the discretion of the people writing it onto the cards so that it will all fit.
  2. Add your name or nickname, and your country.
  3. Send your message to the following e-mail address: sa_graduation_at_yahoo.co.jp (replace "_at_" with @)

So far, there is no deadline for writing these messages, but the sooner, the better.

Thank you for your cooperation!!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Sayaka has done many things lately... Including announcing her graduation... Part 2.

Oh yes, I'm back! Couldn't write before, meh.

Anyways, let's finish what I started.


Oh God, oh God. So, God does actually exist. Since I have a 12 hours difference with Japan, there is no way I can watch those lives at the same time they are streaming (I must sleep, you know), but I remember I woke up that day and saw a message in my phone that said that Sayaka had got the 5th place in the Request Hour concert... Then checked my twitter TL, and it was... EXPLODING.


Mushi no Ballad had been ranking better and better every year, but I can guess no one ever bet it could get so high. This could only be thanks to the amazing fans Sayaka has all over the world (specially in Japan, of course). Sure, Sayaka has the talent, she's an excellent liver performer, the song is good, etc., but we know that in the AKB world that is not enough. But miracles happen.

No, more than a miracle, it was justice. Divine justice.

Sayaka totally deserved this. When I saw she had ranked 5 with her solo song I just died. I felt like crying, but I was too stunned to cry. Of course that when I managed to watch the video in YouTube, I cried. Because yes, Sayaka was greater than usual. She was just, THE GREATEST.

Sayaka singing Mushi no Ballad in 2013's Request Hour.
Credits to Sayaka's twitter.

This was one of my highlights in my fandom. It had been a while since I felt something as exciting as this. For a moment, I felt it was still worth following AKB. My Sayaka, I was so happy for her. I thought of that moment, tried to put myself in Sayaka's shoes... I could feel her heart bursting, I could see her thinking "this is really happening to me... They really appreciate what I do..."

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sayaka has done many things lately... Including announcing her graduation... Part 1.

Wow, I hadn't blogged in a while... I'm actually sorry for that. I actually doubt anyone reads this blog anymore and I don't blame them, since there hasn't been anything to read since 2011.

My life became a bit too busy since then, so I started to have no time to blog, and couldn't catch up with the overwhelming amount of AKB48 information which flooded the net. This, obviously, made me - inevitably - start losing interest in AKB. It was natural, anyways. It worried me, made me sad, but deep inside I knew it was just the natural course of things. Also, I wasn't happy and didn't like the path AKB as a whole had taken. Never liked the senbatsu elections (I tried hard to like them but I failed), never liked the janken tournament, never liked the teams "re-shuffling", never liked the sister groups idea, never liked the fact that they became so popular they weren't the idols you can meet anymore :(

I'm happy they have "touched the sky" and beyond, and that they had turned their dreams into reality, but they became something different to what I liked, so strange...

HOWEVER... All this I've talked about has no relation with my SAYAKA. My adoration for Sayaka has not changed at all. It hurt a bit that since I was so busy I couldn't be updated about her schedule, but my love for her didn't fade out at all. Yup. She's my true idol. 

There is not a single day I don't look at my little AKB-SaeYaka shrine (do fans still use SaeYaka or the pair name has already changed to something fancier?) and smile. I even keep using Sayaka's 2012 calendar!

She looks so pretty there *.*

Anyways... after letting you know why I haven't blogged all this time, I guess it's moment to talk about important things related to Sayaka (and Sae) that happened while I didn't blog...

So far I can think of three things:

  1. Sayaka not entering the senbatsu in the 2012 elections.
  2. Teams new re-shuffling, including Sae moving to Shanghai, Sayaka losing K captaincy, and Sae back to Team K (fresh news!)
  3. Sayaka ranking 5th in 2013's Request Hour with her solo song, Mushi no Ballad.
  4. Sayaka announcing her graduation.


This barely surprised me and I even didn't waste my time getting sad. Previous elections taught me that the worst enemy of an AKB fan is taking the elections seriously. You can even lose "friends" because of that.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Flowers for a flower 8D -Sae birthday project-

Sae's birthday will be soon, and S48/Ebi48's loveandcoffee has asked me to promote her Sae project in here :D

The idea is basically to gather money to send Sae a pretty bouquet of flowers. The more money, the bigger the bouquet.

To participate on this, you gotta get in touch with loveandcoffee. Please, visit S48 or Ebi48 to get further details about the project. The deadline is August 7th, so hurry up!

Links about the project:

S48: http://stage48.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=3986&p=473334#p473334
Ebi48: http://www.everyday48.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=859

Hope you participate!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


DiVA's PV is finally out!

And it is awesome...

I must recognize when I saw the CM I didn't like the song that much. I mean, I liked it but I thought it was too generic and i always except "something else" from DiVA. But I was wrong. The full song song is simply amazing. So classy, so well done. And the music video... Oh God. They all look like real goddesses.

Sayaka and Sae are really from Venus.

Picspam now, because I want :3

Sayaka, please, let your hair grow like this asdasdasdasdasd *dies*

The following two are my favorite shots

If you want to see the video, you can get it here (got it from YouTube).

Now, seriously. DiVA has to own Oricon with this song. It's just too perfect to not get #1.

Oh yea, Yuka and Ume-chan also appear in the video XD