Thursday, August 20, 2009

AKB48 bikini overdose: General election! Bikini surprise

There has been a bit stir about the bikini-oriented mook AKB48 is releasing today. Somehow, everybody wants a copy. I want a copy, you want a copy... Buy buy... @__@

The title of the mook says it all: BIKINI.

Now, besides the always healthy swimsuits, the mook is based on the past senbatsu election we've covered a lot by now. So, even though every AKB48 girl appears in this book (that includes A, K, B, RS and SKE48), the 21 senbatsu girls have a special covering. The mook includes a random poster. I don't really care about those because nor Sayaka nor Sae are featured in them. They only appear in the 21 girls poster... So, whatever the poster I get, I'm burning it... LOL.

Anyways, let's go to the most important part of this entry. Thanks to a generous Japanese fan we got the scans of the pictures even before having the mook in our hands, so here are the SaeYaka pictures:


Here we can see Sae waring a Playboy bikini that, let's be honest, looks like underwear. BUT, it's cute, and she looks great. =P

That's the only Sae picture revealed so far. She should appear in group shots, too, and in one more solo shot.


First question in our minds: What is that wrap doing there?! -____-
Do not get me wrong. Sayaka looks great, but that wrap on her bottom is covering her sexy thighs and belly! And you know what Sayaka belly means for Sayakers: piercing and ABS. And those long socks are covering her lovely knee scar©® T___T

Ok, maybe we were expecting too much after the Tiger Bikini Blue Rose performance. Oh well. Things that we'll never see twice.

However, Sayaka looks extremely cute and that's something we don't see everyday. Sayaka wearing pink? Looks like only when it comes to bikinis!

Let's mention that every girl is asked about the election and AKB from now on. Sayaka, as usual lately, says she wants to take the "idol you can meet" concept not only to Japan, but also overseas. Thanks again Sayaka for thinking of us! You rule to the max!


I like the picture on the right, a lot. You can see her piercing... *___*

That's all ladies and gentlemen. Run to get your copy before it's too late. HMV has sold out the item already.

And long life to SaeYaka in bikini!


  1. LOL, you're quite cruel to censor Kasai on the right with pink boxes while you let Amina and Yukirin on the left :p

  2. Well, Kasai was a bit distracting so I had to cover her XD

    Yuririn and Amina did not represent any distraction so I left them =P