Sunday, November 07, 2010

When fantasy meets reality... Misaki vs Sayaka: This is just too familiar!

Back in April, I told you about Sayaka reading the Kaichou wa Meido-sama manga and about feeling very identified with the main character, Misaki.

Actually, by watching the first episode of the anime, we found lots of similarities...

Anyways, today I found a screen shot I took long ago from one of the episodes of the anime and... OMG it's SAYAKA.

This episode shows Sayaka Misaki winning EVERY competition during the sports festival at her school:


Can you see the classmates screaming for her in the background? I can totally see other AKB members there xD (there is a short hair girl, guess who's that one... *hint hint*) Ahahaha, it's so hot when she's pulling her collar.

So all this sports episode was just too similar to the hight jump episode of AKBINGO...

Misaki on fire, just like Sayaka...

She can actually fly!

Every time she wins, girls congratulate her warmly...

Private congratulations come later...

During the touching moments, she get moved and expresses her feelings with tears in her eyes (and sweat on her face). Because she's a fighter, and all what she does must be done seriously.

And the girls also get moved by her words, and only want to support her...

Am I the only one who thought
Mariko was about to jump on Sayaka and ask her to marry her?

And the end, she wins. Because victory is her destiny...

And there is always a cherished one to fight for...

Seriously. I wonder if the creators of the anime actually watched that AKBINGO episode, because it's just too similar xD

I want a LIVE ACTION. And of course Sayaka has to be Misaki xD


  1. es igualita *.*
    ¿donde se puede conseguir el anime?

  2. Which episode (the anime, not AKBingo) did this anime-version-of-Sayaka-awesomeness happen?

  3. Eimi: It's the 12th episode of the anime =)

  4. Ya lo vi ;)
    gracias de todas maneras

  5. Thanks!

    In episode 12 of the live action, an alternate screenplay will probably occur with Misaki brutally beating up the guy who cheats and attempts to push her into the pool. But who will be playing Sakura? She's far too girly to be Sae.....

  6. Haha, this whole Misaki = Sayaka thing never really occurred to me. I've watched a couple episodes of the anime, but I don't know... Usui started to annoy me at some point and I couldn't bear to watch it any more. >.< No more cool Misaki. =/ Darn, now I'm tempted to start watching it again...

  7. What episode of Akbingo! Is it ?